Welcome to the Studio of my HeART

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A Note from
Stacey Sophia Robyn
The HeARTist


We Are Love Always . . .

My intent is to awaken, dream awake, and ‘be-member’ this simple Truth: We are Love always.

In this procession, each painting — each heART Peace — is a confirmation of a choice to collaborate with the Divine; to celebrate Life, to inspire and be inspired. To dance in the mystery, explore the edges of possibility all the while diving ever more deeply into center.

To Love always and all ways. 

I believe Art is a form of Revelation, unveiling to both Creator and Appreciator something unique to each. As so, I feel each painting is a portal bridging Spirit and Matter, form and flow; a sacred space where Timelessness and the ever-present moment of now merge.

A life-time fascination with anthrolpology, symbology, ancient systems of wisdom, conscious dreaming and the cycles of creation informs each HeART peace, as does a willingness to surrender to the Mystery.

When entering into the dance of intentional creativity, I listen, witness, wonder, ask, and allow. Trust in the procession allows me to be a gateway, a portal — a hollow-bone some might say — for each vision to flow through; To get out of my own way by merging fully with the moment.

Some paintings are first seeded as dreams birthed into reality.  Others are initiated by the desire to express the beauty of this life experience  – a container to pour the great-full-ness of my heart and love into. Others are prayers of healing, empowerment, declarations of intent or metaphoric vignettes of the future being drawn into the present: full-spectrum impressions of truth, beauty, harmony and Love.

My art style has been described as ‘Storybook Art’. I feel this is true in that each piece tells a story, however the story changes and rearranges depending on the viewer.  What each sees is unique to Thee.

It is my prayer that each painting serves as a mirror, a life-affirming reflection and revelation of the essential, True Divine Nature of HumaneKind … that we are Love always … and all ways.